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In the modern highly competitive business environment when the Internet has enormous opportunities and temptations, it is highly important to use LAN spying solutions to stop Internet abuse on the workplace and prevent corporate confidential data leakage. The results of recent researches show that a lot of employees waste a great much of working time surfing the Internet and using its resources for private needs, and if you don’t spy on employee computers this may lead to a low productivity and overall poor performance of your business.

If you want this scenario never occur within your company, start using our advanced LAN spying software Activity Monitor for real-time network monitoring. Actually, Activity Monitor is an award-winning and full-featured LAN spying solution designed to be highly effective for almost all business types, especially those where the majority of employees are using computers all the day long.

In order to spy on employee computers Activity Monitor uses the most cutting-edge technologies and tools, so it can give you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. By providing real-time LAN spying, it will log all Web surfing history: IM conversations, emails sent and received, websites visited, programs run, keystrokes typed, etc.

By using the turn-key IntelliSnap™ technology, Activity Monitor also allows you to take and see screenshots of remote desktops – all you need is just to set a desired time interval. What’s more important, this LAN spying software performs absolutely undetectable monitoring and surveillance – your employees won’t be able to terminate Activity Monitor Agent in Task Manager without Administrator user rights, see recorded logs or change them.


July 26th, 2010