Local Network Monitoring, Network Activity Monitoring, Monitor Your LAN, Monitor Computers in the Network

While the Internet has proved to be an indispensable tool in daily work, non-work related activities including online chatting, Internet shopping and unrelated website browsing represent the new temptation for most of employees. That’s why today employers begin to widely use local network monitoring methods allowing them to find out what their employees are doing when they are supposed to be working. SoftActivity is ready to offer you all-in-one network activity monitoring software allowing you to monitor your LAN with ease from one centralized location.

Actually, whether you need to keep a constant eye on your employees or students preventing the Internet abuse during working or academic hours, our Activity Monitor allows you to monitor computers in the local network remotely and absolutely invisibly. Our local network monitoring software is designed to provide you with a complete control over your LAN by tracking and recoding any computer usage and Internet activity.

After installing our computer activity monitoring software, you will be able to monitor computers in the whole local network from your PC observing what your employees or students are doing when they are sure you can’t trace them. In such a way, you’ll always have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your network as with this advanced local network monitoring program you can easily monitor your LAN computer activity getting real-time detailed stats of computer and Internet usage including websites visited, applications used, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed, etc.

Our powerful network activity monitoring software is indeed a helpful tool providing both business owners and managers with the perfect way to protect corporate data and increase overall productivity of employees and teachers who need to ensure their students use school computers for educational purposes only.


April 15th, 2010