Monitor Internet Usage at Home

Today’s children are the striking example of computer generation. It’s quite natural for them to spend their spare time on the Web and be happy with their virtual lives. That’s why, it becomes more and more difficult for conscious parents to control web activities of young users. You may wonder why is it so important to monitor child’s online behavior? Everything is simple: besides being the world’s biggest library and social community, Internet contains a lot of dangerous materials for immature minds.

As a rule, the worst nightmare for parents is that something bad may happen to kids or they were involved into something suspicious. Would you like to protect your child from possible online threats, but have no opportunity to keep a watchful eye on their movements every time they use a computer or surf the Internet? You’ve come to the right place! SoftActivity is here to help conscious parents start monitoring Internet usage at home 24/7.

Softactivity Keylogger works as your personal spy agent recording everything your children are doing online. This advanced program is designed to run invisibly even for computer savvy users (there are no processes in the Task Manager as well as no files that can be seen on a hard drive). In such a way, your kids continue doing what they normally do being sure you can’t trace them.

Our hardly traceable recorder module will tell you when, how and what your child did on the Internet. Our spy software package tracks everything typed on your home computer including emails, chats, website addresses, passwords, private documents, etc. You can even find out what your children are doing on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Many parents mistakenly think that it’s impossible to track Internet usage at home if they are away. With Softactivity Keylogger, you can monitor home computer activities from any remote location, being always aware of your child’s activities and communications.

November 26th, 2011