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Many employers wonder whether it is necessary to use computer monitoring of employee hours. In accordance with various researches, it is obvious that companies are in a risk of suffering from major loss through fraud, stealing of intellectual properties, illegal download, sexual harassment cases and loss of productivity. All this proves that if an employer doesn’t monitor employees somehow and control their activity on the Internet during working hours, the company will suffer.

Powerful monitoring spyware can be the only solution for all above mentioned problems. SoftActivity provides you with the opportunity to download monitor spyware at your office computer and perform monitoring of your employees from a remote PC. At SoftActivity you will find powerful internet monitor spyware that is absolutely invisible.

Whether your employees like to chat, play network games, watch films during the working day, our internet monitor spyware is the right solution for you. With the help of our monitoring spyware you will get complete monitoring of the network from one PC. SoftActivity software for computer monitoring of employee hours will provide you with accurate detailed stats of what your employees do on the Internet including along with the full-screen snapshots.

It is estimated that up to 75% of companies bandwidth is used for private activity on the Internet. It has been estimated that $50 billion is lost each year in US just in relation to game playing on company network. If you don’t want your company to appear in this list, download monitor spyware directly from our website and get a full picture of your office network activity.

November 26th, 2008