Network Computer Control Software, Control Other Network Computers

The appearance of network computer monitoring programs and applications has meet the demand of the majority of business owners for knowing how their employees behave during office hours, especially when they have unrestricted access to company IT resources. These software solutions has completely changed the way employers and administrators execute control over their network performance and productivity by allowing them to take hand on the pulse of all network activities without their actual physical presence.

Indeed, knowing how to monitor and control other computers on network can open your eyes on the employee productivity. The further analysis of your staff behavior will help you create an efficient strategy how to eliminate Internet abuse in the workplace and increase overall staff performance. While searching for the right tool to monitor your network users, don’t be confused with a large variety of related programs available one the market – visit SoftActivity today!

We are ready to offer you all-in-one, powerful, yet easy-to-use network computer control software – Activity Monitor designed to track every single computer move on all network connected computers within your company in the absolutely stealth mode.

There are plenty of useful actions our network computer monitoring software can do for you, that include, but are not limited to: taking snapshots of remote desktops at predefined time intervals, creating tracking reports and storing log files in the central highly encrypted database that you may analyze later, the ability to have a real-time view of remote desktops, start and terminate all the processes, turn any computer off remotely, log off any user and many others.

In such a way, Activity Monitor can be the most deliberate choice for business owners and managers who want to know more about their office network activities. Have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on within your office, prevent information leakage and increase productivity dramatically with Activity Monitor.

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April 26th, 2012