Network Internet Monitoring Software – Track Network Users with Activity Monitor

Are you sure that your employees spend their working hours the way they are supposed to? As you probably know, today some employees tend to use computer and Internet access on the workplace for personal needs. Actually, even one hour spent on sending personal emails, online shopping, games and unrelated surfing through the Internet costs businesses thousands of dollars every year.

Are you interested in finding an effective tool to monitor your office network activity during working hours? Using Activity Monitor from SoftActivity can be exactly the answer you’re looking for! It is a full-fledged, yet easy-to-use network Internet monitoring software solution designed to track your network users remotely and in real-time from your administrative PC.

Activity Monitor can easily track up to several hundreds of network users and they will never know about this fact (unless you tell them) because the application runs absolutely secretly at the background. The whole system consists of two parts: server and client agents. As soon as you install Activity Monitor server part on your computer and client parts on every computer in your network, this network Internet monitoring program will instantly start working to fulfill its main function – keep you always updated about all network and computer activities.

That’s why, you will hardly find any other efficient and powerful tool to ensure overall control within your network and provide productive, efficient working environment than network Internet monitoring software Activity Monitor from SoftActivity.

November 18th, 2011