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Is your business overall productivity falling because of the Internet usage abuse by employees during their working hours? Do you have any idea how to control their Internet and computer usage activity? If that is the case, you probably need effective and quality network monitoring solutions, which make possible to see everything your employees are doing during their working hours. Deep Software Inc. is ready to help you in solving this problem: we offer the best spyware program – Activity Monitor – for the efficient monitoring of your employees computer activity.Activity Monitor is advanced web monitoring software with build-in web watcher key logger that allows you to track inappropriate network computer usage for every your employee in real time. Our best spyware program consists of server and client parts: client program is installed on all computers of the network you need to monitor, and Activity Monitor server is installed on your computer. In such a way you can control all user activity on the local network from your own workstation. Imagine, it doesn’t require any physical presence to monitor your employees, so with our web monitoring software you get control over any networked computers of your company.Moreover, powerful web watcher key logger provides you with the ability to record all activity of employees within the entire network. Their detailed computer usage statistics is stored secretly at the central log database with an opportunity of following deep analysis. At the same time the best spyware program from Deep Software Inc. – Activity Monitor – is rather easy-to-use monitoring tool. Simple instructions will help you install our web monitoring software and build-in web watcher key logger without any hassles and get an immediate access to your employees Internet activity.Our advanced and powerful web monitoring software with web watcher key logger, designed with all necessary features for an effective watching of your employees network activity, will be the best choice for your time management and control.

Activity Monitor
Computer Monitoring Software and Key Logger.
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May 20th, 2015