Network Security Monitoring, Network Systems Monitoring, Windows Network Monitoring

Today businesses are seeking the effective solutions for their network security monitoring and protecting companies from information leakage and ineffective performance. One of the most effective and easy ways to perform your company system network monitoring is by using special network monitoring software. SoftActivity is here to provide you with powerful enterprise network server monitoring software to make it much more easier to ensure company security and employees’ performance.

Network security monitoring software from SoftActivity will considerably help you protect your network from the unwarranted usage of Internet by employees during their working day. With the help of enterprise network server monitoring from SoftActivity you will be able to monitor your employees internet activity from one PC, get real time and accurate detailed stats, complete invisibility and unprecedented control with just a one computer program.

Our systems network monitoring software can help you find the complete stats of your network and all your systems including your employees’ emails, chart conversations, sites visited, etc. Your company Windows network monitoring from SoftActivity is the ideal way to protect your business from sensitive corporate data leakage and Internet abuse.

From now on, with network security monitoring from SoftActivity your employees will forget about playing games, chatting, or surfing the internet when expected to work. With the help of our enterprise network server monitoring software you will also get screenshots of your employees computers, typed keystrokes, visited websites history, used applications, etc. – and all this staying absolutely anonymous!

October 22nd, 2008