Network Spying Software, Network Computer Monitoring – Activity Monitor

If you are a business owner or manager, then you surely need to be confident that your employees use company IT resources for work-related activities only. There are plenty of temptations that unrestricted Internet access may produce, such as social networking, watching YouTube videos, chatting with friends, online shopping and games, etc. Do you suspect that some of your employees indulge in any of these activities from time to time, especially when you’re away? With SoftActivity network spy monitoring software you no longer have to wonder what your staff is doing during office hours.

Activity Monitor is an advanced, all-in-one software solution designed specifically for network computer monitoring needs. Based on the most innovative and smart computer spying technologies, it allows to ensure efficient yet stealth and undetectable control over all network activities within your company LAN. By monitoring your personnel remotely and in real time just from a single administrator’s PC, you will know what they do during office hours and whether they contribute all their time and efforts into working tasks.

While recording Internet and program usage, including email and chat communications, website visits, programs run, social networking activity, etc., Activity Monitor also keeps track of all file operations irrespective of a drive type being used, including local, network and removable ones. In such a way, it allows to have your hands always on the pulse of what is going on within your company’s network and ensure absolute protection of your sensitive corporate data.

While featuring an extremely powerful spying engine and coming with extended functionality, our network spying system is very easy to install and use. Basically, Activity Monitor consists of two parts: the server part is typically installed on the main or administrative computer and client parts or agents – on all LAN-connected computers that need to be monitored. In such a way, you can easily view and navigate between all remote desktops in real-time.


February 27th, 2012