Network User Monitoring Software, Monitor Network Activity with Activity Monitor

Computer technologies, Internet resources and electronic communications are becoming more and more vital nowadays. However, the increase in number of employees equipped with computers and Internet access rises the risk of Internet abuse dramatically. This problem also concerns many different educational establishments from schools and colleges to universities and academies where a significant part of educational processes is based on computers and the Internet.

Employers and school administrators have to keep a watchful eye over users within their networks as many of them tend to use their working and studying hours for various unrelated activities. Our Activity Monitor is one of the best network monitoring software solutions available on the market that comes with all the necessary functions and features you may require to have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN.

No specific technical skills are required to install and run our network user monitoring software. Any computer within your network can be under automatic and around-the-clock surveillance, and there is no even the least chance to escape from our sophisticated network user monitoring program. It will work even if your employees or students remove their browser history, temporary Internet files or cookies.

From now on there is no need to spend a fortune on surveillance cameras, a set of additional equipment as well as on a monitoring team to keep a close watch on your employees or students behavior all the day long. Smart network user monitoring software Activity Monitor will perform all these tasks for you, reporting every computer move so that you can enjoy increased performance and productivity within your educational or business environment.


August 17th, 2011