Office Monitoring Software: Office Internet Monitoring, Office Computer Monitoring

Today, when Internet access at the workplace is an open invitation to the work time wasting through chatting with friends, reading news or surfing unrelated to work websites, more and more employers are concerned about what their employees are doing on their computers when they’re supposed to be working. If the opportunity of office computer monitoring is one of your primary concerns, SoftActivity is ready to offer you professional office monitoring software to track all network computers in real time.

Actually, our Activity Monitor is powerful spyware allowing you to monitor office computers and keep an eye on your employees without being detected. As office Internet monitoring is essential for your business in regards of company security and overall productivity issues, now you can track your employees computer activities just from your computer and have peace of mind knowing every their online move.

Moreover, combined with a secret keystroke logger our office monitoring software offers you the most advanced office Internet monitoring solution available on the market. Be sure, with our office computer monitoring spyware you are fully equipped to catch employees who don’t make their job as they’re supposed to as well as prevent information leakage.

Undoubtedly, as personal usage of company computers and Internet resources is harmful for many businesses, office monitoring software from SoftActivity proves its indisputable advantages. By choosing our Activity Monitor, you get full control over your employees and can keep the productivity in your office at its peak level.

November 25th, 2009