Office Network Monitoring, Office Computer Network Monitoring, Employee Monitoring Program

If you want to organize an effective office network monitoring, employee monitoring program from SoftActivity is the ideal solution for you. Office computer network monitoring has become a must for the majority of companies that deal with the Internet. If you want to monitor your employees and make them work during their working day, SoftActivity is here to provide you with employee monitoring program to become more aware of their everyday computer activity.

SoftActivity employee monitoring program will provide you with all the information you may need to determine whether your employees do anything, but not work during their work day. Office computer network monitoring will provide you with power of being informed about everything what happens in your office network. No matter whether you have left the office for an hour or for several days, you will be able to monitor office network remotely and very easily.

Our office employee monitoring program provides complete monitoring of the network from one PC. You will get real time and accurate detailed stats of what your employees do during their working day. Moreover, your employees will never know about your incessant control as our office network monitoring software is absolutely invisible.

With the help of our office network monitoring software, you will prevent your employees from sharing confidential information with outsiders or wasting time playing games during office hours.

October 24th, 2008