Parental Internet Controls: Online Parental Control, Remote Parental Control, Internet Child Security

The Internet is a wonderful source for information that can be a fun and useful place for children, but there is another side of the Internet that can be worrying for any parent. In fact, Internet is also full of risks and dangers concerned with inappropriate and harmful content that can badly influence child mental health and growth. That’s why Internet child security is a real headache for those parents who have a computer with the Internet access at home. SoftActivity is here to provide all parents with professional parental Internet controls software to help monitor online activities of children in real time.

Actually, online parental control is the right way to know what your kids do or where they go on the Web ensuring, at the same time, Internet child safety. Our Softactivity Keylogger is powerful software for remote parental control giving parents the power to completely monitor their child’s Internet and computer usage. Now you can see every website your child has visited, sent and received emails and chat messages, what programs and files have been accessed or downloaded, even keystrokes and passwords typed.

Our parental Internet controls allow you to make sure that your children are not exposed to any inappropriate materials and information when they are online. Moreover, while helping you to get useful and full-featured reports on child Internet and computer activities, this online parental control software works completely invisible so your kids will continue doing what they normally do when they are sure you can’t trace them.

By choosing our online parental control solution from SoftActivity you will be fully equipped and know what your children do on the Web and minimize any possible risks.

June 25th, 2009