Parent Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Kids PC Use

Over the last several years the Internet has become a wonderful world with enormous audience and plenty of materials and resources that can be both beneficial and rather dangerous. First of all this concerns users such as children and teenagers who are unable to identify a threat that can be hidden in an “innocent” chat conversation with a peer. Websites with adult and inappropriate content, virtual cheaters, hackers, spammers or simply entertaining websites like online games tempting small users to waste their time instead of doing useful things are all crucial reasons why your computer should have a home PC spy software solution installed.

Have you ever wanted to see what your children are doing online when you are not around, with whom they chat, what pages they visit, what type of materials they download? Knowing about all these facts will allow you to enjoy a peace of mind and prevent any possible virtual threats. Our all-in-one parent computer monitoring software SoftActivity Keylogger will help you in performing all these tasks with ease.

There are still some parents who hesitate to install monitoring solutions on their home computer. While some of them are afraid of offending their kid feelings and losing their trust, others suspect that when children get to know clearly they are being monitored, they can go to a friend’s house or an Internet cafe to surf freely without your control. Smart home PC spy software from SoftActivity runs in an absolutely stealth mode allowing you to monitor your kids PC usage and all online activities invisibly.

It is not that ease to spy on a home computer and do not violate children privacy. But it is your responsibility to protect them from all possible risks including online threats.

March 24th, 2011