Parental Control and Monitoring Software: How to Protect Kids on the Internet

As the Internet is an important part of kid’s life nowadays, there is a great deal of emerging questions on how to protect children on the Internet. To make sure that kid’s online activities are safe and healthy, parents have various parental control and monitoring software solutions at their disposal. SoftActivity takes special pride by offering one of the best spy software for parental control – SoftActivity Keylogger allowing conscious parents to monitor kids Internet activities remotely and in real-time.

In fact, our powerful parental control and monitoring software provides you with the ability to monitor kids Internet activities on your home computer irrespective of where you are. SoftActivity Keylogger is designed to offer parents control they need over kid’s Internet usage allowing them to check what kids are typing, sending or receiving as well as what programs use, files download and websites visit when you are away.

Keep in mind that this parental control and monitoring software is a superb spying engine that runs in the background and works absolutely invisibly, so kids continue doing what they normally do when they are sure you can’t trace them. Moreover, all recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file that can’t be detected by your kids. In such a way, with SoftActivity Keylogger you can protect children on the Internet without limiting their freedom.

Actually, you can’t forbid them to use a computer or limit the Internet access used in educational purposes, but you can monitor kids Internet activities and protect them from going into something suspicious. Order SoftActivity Keylogger today to protect kids on the Internet around-the-clock.

June 9th, 2011