Parental Control Program, Parental Internet Monitoring Program

Nowadays, it’s a common practice that there are at least two computers in one family – for parents and children, and even a separate PC for every family member. That’s why recent researches show that today children prefer mostly to go online at home as there they have more freedom to surf the Internet and do various online activities in comparison with school classes, where they are observed by a teacher. However, parents don’t have such an ability to see what young users are doing online because they have to be at work or simply because they don’t want to offense their kids by staying behind their backs.

Actually, the problem of easy access to the offensive and inappropriate Internet content still exists. Would you like to learn how to monitor your children computer use remotely and in real time? Fortunately, there are parental control programs that allow to cope with this critical task in the most effective manner. At you will find a feature-rich and advanced parental Internet monitoring program – SoftActivity Keylogger, that will provide you with total control over your kids online behavior.

No aspect of their web or computer activity will remain beyond your knowledge. Once you install SoftActivity Keylogger on your kids’ computer, it will allow you to watch and read any forms of their online communications, including emails, chats, social networking sites, online games, videos, etc.

In fact, SoftActivity Keylogger works using the principle of a surveillance camera providing you with real-time view of your children desktop remotely: you can watch their online behavior at any given moment. You can also set up our parental control software to send regular reports to your email address in any necessary time interval.

November 27th, 2010