Parental Internet Control Software: Monitor Kids Internet Activity, Online Safety for Kids

Nowadays many parents are aware of information, graphic materials and people on the Internet that can be harmful for children who, because of their age, don’t really understand the negative effects this can bring to them. That’s why using parental Internet control software is extremely important for parents looking to ensure online safety for kids while they are surfing the Web. SoftActivity is here to provide all parents with SoftActivity Keylogger – high-quality parental control software for PC designed to help you in protecting your children from possible online threats.

Actually, installing parental Internet control software on your home computer is one of the best and yet highly-recommended choices to monitor kids Internet activity and eliminate harmful effects from negative Internet content and communication. Our SoftActivity Keylogger provides you with an efficient and hassle-free way to ensure online safety for kids without their awareness of your electronic surveillance.

The distinguishing features of our professional parental control software for PC are quick installing, unmatched ease of use and superior options allowing you to ensure total control over your home PC while you are away. Moreover, this powerful program not only monitors kids Internet activity but also records all information in a special encrypted log file that can be sent to your email address.

Undoubtedly, Internet is an essential resource for your kids to communicate with friends, play and get knowledge. While using our feature-rich parental Internet control software you can allow you children to experience all the benefits of the Internet while protecting them from inappropriate information and harmful contacts.

September 30th, 2009