Parental PC Controlling Software, Monitor Kids Computer and Internet Use

Are you currently in search for effective tools to control kids online? Then it’s high time to visit where you will find really powerful and extremely effective parental PC controlling software that allows you to monitor kids’ computer and Internet usage in real-time and from any location.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger combines award winning monitoring features with handy parenting tools for outstanding control over kids’ online activities. Besides, while you monitor kids’ computer and Internet use, you stay absolutely invisible for your children, unless you tell them.

Our all-in-one parental PC controlling software can provide you with full behavior reports of all keystrokes typed, programs run, websites visited, emails sent and received, etc. Each log includes the time, date and duration of an action. With SoftActivity Keylogger you will also be able to record MySpace, Facebook and other social network activities such as chats and online messengers, which is highly important for controlling kids online, since social networks are becoming a popular environment for cheaters and other online threats.

When you think about powerful tools to monitor kids’ computer and Internet use anytime and from anywhere, consider premium-class parental PC control software from SoftActivity. By installing our SoftActivity Keylogger on your home computer you will provide yourself with a total peace of mind knowing that you have 100% control over kids’ online activities and computer usage!

May 22nd, 2010