Parental PC Monitoring Program, Monitor Child's PC Use

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday life and proved to be an excellent tool in many work, non-work related and educational activities. However, it hides multiple threats and, first of all, they concern kids and teens.

As a conscious parent, you have several options to choose from when protecting your children from online dangers. The first one is to disconnect your kid’s computer from the Internet. This is quite a radical method that will for sure offend your children and may lead to misunderstanding in your relationships. No doubt, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and they will seek access to the Internet at friends, school or wherever they go.

The next option widely used by parents is filtering. You can install a special filtering program or choose an Internet service provider which offers filtering options that will block websites with offensive or inappropriate content. However this won’t protect them from messaging and communicating with online strangers.

Fortunately, there is one more option that will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your children’s online behaviour when you provide them with access to the Internet – computer monitoring software solutions. Once you install such a software solution on your home computer, you can track kids’ online activity and whole computer usage to be 100% informed about all their actions in real-time.

At SoftActivity we take special pride by offering you one of the best parental PC monitoring programs available on the market today – SoftActivity Keylogger, a superb spying engine that runs completely hidden in the background and secretly records all URLs visited, keystrokes typed, programs run and passwords entered.

August 20th, 2011