Parental PC Monitoring Solution: Control Kids' PC, Control Kid PC Usage

What is parental PC monitoring software? This is a program designed to help parents monitor their kids’ Internet activities and protect them from possible online threats. However, a lot of parents still don’t use it thinking that in such a way they intrude into the private space of their kids. Moreover, some of them never even worry about dangers that may wait for their children on the Web.

Why should anyone think about kids’ Internet activity monitoring? It’s no secret that the Internet is flooded with inappropriate content. In addition, it contains a lot of risks for our privacy and safety. When it comes to kids, the risks are even higher.

SoftActivity Keylogger from SoftActivity is the best parental PC monitoring solution available to help parents keep their kids safe while they are surfing the Internet. Actually, it is a full-featured spying engine that runs in the background of your computer to monitor online activities of your children in order to tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet.

SoftActivity Keylogger comes with a hardly traceable recorder module designed to record what your children do on the computer storing all recorded information in an encrypted log file. Moreover, this advanced parental PC monitoring software includes advanced options for further viewing and analyzing data in convenient formats to better understand user activities on your home computer.

No matter how much you trust your children, if you suspect that they are using your home computer to surf inappropriate sites or are exposed to other online threats, don’t wait and install SoftActivity Keylogger today.

October 24th, 2010