PC Activity Monitor

Personal life and everyday life at the workplace could be much easier if everyone would be honest. As nearly any business can encounter with the type of person who does not have this quality, making your employees aware of your no-tolerance policy is necessary. Internet activity monitor software is probably one of the most effective ways of implementing these measures to ensure compliance. Deep Software Inc. is ready to help you monitor computer activity of your employees during their working day with the help of our powerful PC Activity Monitor software.

Today more and more employers begin to monitor activity on the remote computers at their offices as more control you have over your employees, the better productivity they perform. It is not a secret that many employees abuse the internet for their personal needs – they can chat online, hang on various forums, search for music, take various online tests, or even play online games instead of working.

But even if you notice that your company productivity falls dramatically, it would be not wise to punish all your employees as many of them could be offended. On the other hand you can not cut the internet access as it is directly related to your work. PC activity monitor is the ideal solution of this problem as it allows you to monitor computer activity of all your employees and find real idlers.

Internet activity monitor software is also indispensable in cases when your employees operate sensitive information that can be sold to your competitors for considerable sum of money. Our software to monitor activity on a remote computer allows you to monitor all computers in LAN remotely from a single administrator’s PC. Moreover, when using our PC activity monitor, you don’t have to be a computer genius as our internet Activity Monitor software has a very user-friendly interface.




February 25th, 2015