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Are you worried about what your kids may face with when they are surfing the Internet? Do you need to find out what they are doing online? Actually, it’s absolutely naturally for parents to be concerned when leaving their kids exposed to the potentially harmful web environment especially if they have no opportunity to watch their kids throughout the day. SoftActivity is here to offer you powerful PC and Internet monitoring software designed to monitor PC usage and track every move of your kids on the Internet to alert you when they are into something suspicious.

If you are concerned about Internet security of your children, our SoftActivity Keylogger can be your only solution for extensive PC and Internet monitoring to help you invisibly monitor PC usage and ensure online safety of your kids while you are away. This all-in-one PC monitoring software can be installed on your home computer easily and work in the background making a record of any activities made by your kids and telling you what is happening in your absence.

Our innovative PC and Internet monitoring software offers you the most reliable way to ensure overall safety of your kids while they are online as you can monitor what they are doing and for how long. Whatever website your children visit and whoever they talk to online, the best PC monitoring software will provide you with a detailed record of their computer and Internet activity that is stored in an encrypted log file and can be even sent to your email address every few hours.

In fact, our kids are the most vulnerable society members who can be easily exposed to potential Internet threats and, as a conscious parent, you can expect a lot of benefits from using our PC and Internet monitoring software on a daily basis. SoftActivity is here to offer you one of the best PC monitoring software solutions available enabling you not only to monitor PC usage, but also track online activities of your kids to protect them while they online.

April 19th, 2010