PC Monitoring Software for Employers, Employee Web Monitoring Solution, Control Computer Usage in LAN

Do you currently suffer from the lack of effective employee web monitoring solutions and tools? Then you’ve come to the right place as is the only online destination you need to find top PC monitoring software for employers – Activity Monitor – that allows business owners and managers to control computer usage in their LAN in real-time.

Actually, our all-in-one employee web monitoring solution will not only provide you with powerful tools to control computer usage in LAN, but also prevent information leakage and improve employee productivity. Plenty of commercial and educational establishments have already taken advantage of Activity Monitor for increasing their overall productivity and making working process more effective.

Our employee web monitoring solution consists of a server-side and client-side application and can be remotely installed on any computer in the local network to track its activity. As the result, you can monitor and log websites visited, track applications used, record emails sent and received as well as communications made, schedule desktop screenshots and much more!

Why would you have to wonder what’s going on behind your back when you can know all the truth about your employee activities with our advanced employee web monitoring solution from SoftActivity? Take full control over computer usage in your LAN with the help of Activity Monitor.

May 24th, 2010