PC Monitoring Software for Parents, Control Kids Online Activities

While you take all possible measures to ensure ultimate protection of your children at home, in the school, on the street, etc. you should also keep your eye on them when they are online, in other words, control kids’ online activities. That’s why it is a high time to consider using child PC monitoring solution to control your children computer usage. SoftActivity takes pride to offer all-in-one and reliable PC monitoring software for parents designed to meet all their related needs and requirements.

SoftActivity Keylogger is award winning PC monitoring software for parents that allows them to control kids’ online activities and overall computer usage in real-time. Our powerful child PC monitoring solution comes with a full range of advanced monitoring features and options such as detailed keystroke logging, website usage logging, JPEG screenshots capturing, etc. as well as with remote delivery of logs to you mailbox.

From now on you will be able to control kids’ online activities and computer usage around-the-clock. Our powerful PC monitoring software for parents can log all incoming and outgoing emails, URLs visited and online searches performed, programs run, keystrokes typed and much more! Child PC monitoring solution from SoftActivity allows you also to view a timeline of all logged events in the order they happened, so you can know exactly what you children do at any given moment.

Having years of experience in creating PC monitoring solutions, SoftActivity realizes all the importance of providing you with only highly effective and reliable options for the total control over kids’ online activities. Protect your children from online threats and know exactly what they do online with our powerful and handy in usage PC monitoring software for parents.

April 12th, 2010