PC Monitoring Software

Have you decided to analyze decreased employee performance and productivity along with suspicious employee activity during their work time by using intelligent PC monitoring software? Do you want to take proactive stance with your children computer and Internet usage? Deep Software Inc. is here to deliver high quality solutions to track computer activity, including emails sent, websites visited, online chat conversations, file downloads, desktop activities, etc.

With easy to use PC monitoring software you will set a remote computer control to know everything what your kids or employees do and when. If you are interested in the comprehensive and reliable information about your employee activity during their workday and going to find out, whether they are spending working time on chatting, personal mails, accessing social networking sites, etc., Internet activity monitoring software from Deep Software is your right choice.

Do you have children who access Internet when you are not at home or when you are asleep and you want to control their activity in order to prevent suspicious actions? Our company is here to address all your computer monitoring challenges and provide computer monitoring software that allows users to monitor and record every detail of computer and Internet activity in both home and office.

PC monitoring software could be a great choice for you, whether you need to monitor an Internet activity of your children on your home computer or want to protect your company resources by keeping track of local network activity. Internet activity monitoring could be an efficient measure for companies willing to deter employee productivity losses, protect employee morale, and catch business secrets that may leave a company illegally.




May 20th, 2015