PC Parental Control Software

It is a commonly known that Internet could be a dangerous place for children as well as fun and educational pastime. That’s why parents have to keep a track of their children activity to prevent any malicious Internet usage. Deep Software Inc. is here to provide you with powerful PC parental control software to protect your child and your family.

Recording your child’s emails is essential for their safety, since if you don’t, you have no idea whether your child is corresponding with someone who does not have your child’s interests at heart. Our guardian parental control software will allow you to see exactly who your child sends emails to, when the email was sent and even record any passwords your child uses to access his or her email account.

One of the most popular ways of communicating nowadays is by using various chat programs that are available on the Web in large variety. This is especially popular among teenagers and the most accurate monitoring should be done here. Activity Logger child spy software allows parents to see exactly what their child is writing and who he is chatting with.

Guardian parental control will also allow you to find out what websites your child visits during his computer usage. Our PC parental control software will not only provide you with the text that the child types in, but could also make screenshots of the websites that he or she visits. This can really help to protect your child, since parent can keep a real track record of child’s online activity.




May 20th, 2015