PC Spy Monitoring Software: Best Software to Spy on Your Computer

Can you rest assured that you know who your children are meeting and chatting with online when you are not home? Do you want to prevent them from watching adult or other inappropriate content? If you suspect young family members of accessing questionable websites or getting involved into something suspicious, fraudulent, harassing and even dangerous on the Internet, you deserve to know more. Luckily, it isn’t impossible anymore to thoroughly control the entire period of time that your kids spend online, as SoftActivity is here to offer you one of the best spy software tools for your PC monitoring needs!

SoftActivity Keylogger is a cutting-edge PC spy monitoring software solution for highly effective yet invisible parental control. We do understand that most parents can’t keep a constant vigilant eye on child’s computer usage due to their pressing engagements. That’s why we’ve developed powerful spying software for PC monitoring intended to help parents protect their children from potentially illegal, offensive or otherwise controversial aspects of the Internet.

There are obvious advantages of tracking Internet usage with SoftActivity Keylogger. Our advanced PC spy monitoring software provides completely clean and trustworthy installation, while other similar products may be bundled with various spyware that self-extracts into computer system without its owner’s consent. To install our software, you need to have administrative rights or authorized user privileges on the computer. SoftActivity Keylogger works completely in stealth mode, so your children won’t know you trace their online communications and offline computer usage details.

This powerful computer monitoring application is packed with a range of advanced features for effective online activity tracking and child’s absolute safety on the Internet. First of all, its hardly traceable built-in recorder module is designed to log all the operations performed on the computer in your absence. You can easily monitor your kids’ online and offline activities, such as sent and received emails, various instant messenger chat sessions, websites visited, along with every single keystroke being typed (including usernames or passwords) and other significant information. In addition, with the state-of-the-art IntelliSnap technology implemented, SoftActivity Keylogger can automatically capture desktop screenshots like a surveillance camera, either periodically or based on certain predefined user actions.

As one of the best spy software for PC monitoring solutions, SoftActivity Keylogger also provides comprehensive reporting options allowing you to view all recorded information on the child’s Internet and computer usage. Finally, make sure that a log file is securely encrypted, so nobody can see these detailed reports without authorized access.

December 2nd, 2011