Personal Internet Use at Work, Internet Use in the Workplace

Personal Internet use at work is an issue that can be no longer ignored by employers and managers. Why? Can you honestly say, whether your employees waste time surfing the Web or spend office hours on work related activities? Simply look around. Do you know who is chatting with friends, reading news or doing other non-work related activities online and who is an ideal employee working as required? In fact, it’s common for employees to waste a large portion of their work time for personal needs.

Actually, it’s much easier to limit personal Internet use at work if your company has a strict policy on Web usage. But what if you haven’t placed any specific limits? Welcome to SoftActivity and we’ll show you how to keep your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN even if you are away. We take special pride in offering you Activity Monitor – our powerful spy software allowing you to control office Internet use in real-time.

While running in the corporate network, our Activity Monitor tracks all employee computers remotely and secretly allowing you to know what websites your users visit, what they type in their emails, what programs they run and other useful information. In such a way, you are provided with all necessary data on employee activity during working hours.

Moreover, taking full control over the networked computers, you can improve your data protection policy and avoid critical information leakage. If you have ever lost the confidential information, you know what we’re speaking about.

You probably don’t want to pay employees doing nothing and just surfing the web every day, do you? From now on you’ll never lose control over your staff online activity with our Activity Monitor.


November 21st, 2011