Program for Computer Monitoring: Track Kids Computer Usage, Monitor Your Kids Internet Activity

Nowadays, it is a fact that most children have access to the Internet and go online almost every day spending too much time in chat rooms, visiting various websites or playing games. Actually, daily web surfing allows kids to be in touch with a lot of information making them exposed to a harmful Internet content as well. That’s why kids Internet safety is a major concern for any parents whose child has unlimited computer and Internet access. In such situation most parents realize the necessity to track kids’ computer usage and online activities to make sure they are protected while surfing the Internet. If you are interested to know how to track computer usage of your children without their knowledge, SoftActivity is ready to offer you Softactivity Keylogger – powerful software for computer monitoring.

Generally, Softactivity Keylogger is full-featured software designed to help parents protect their children from possible dangers and threats of the Internet while they are online. Our advanced program for computer monitoring allows you to monitor your kids Internet activity as well as computer use wherever you are. Moreover, you can track kids’ computer usage secretly as this software runs absolutely invisibly at the background.

In addition, hardly traceable built-in keylogger model allows parents to keep track of what is happening on a computer in their absence just recording what your children do into a special log file.

Knowing how to track computer usage of your children is the key factor helping you provide their healthy mental and physical growth. This comprehensive program for computer monitoring from SoftActivity offers you necessary parental control to monitor your kids Internet activity and protect them from undesirable Internet content.


April 23rd, 2009