Program for Parental Control on the Internet – SoftActivity Keylogger

Have you ever thought that while allowing your children unrestricted Internet access, you put them at multiple risks including websites with unsuitable content, malicious spyware, viruses, hackers, online cheaters and many others? Consciously or unconsciously, they can easily get into various online traps. Just as the physical one, online safety of your children is not the thing to neglect.

Since you can’t be always behind to supervise your kids online and offline activities, installing monitoring software on their computer can be an ideal way out. At SoftActivity we suggest you to take advantage of our powerful, full-featured program for parental control that can be used in real-time and remotely. It will keep full track of what your kids are doing in a special encrypted log file available for further analysis.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger comes with the powerful spying engine and has a robust built-in logger to provide you with real-time data. While running absolutely invisibly in the background, it creates a log file to record everything, including: URLs visited, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, files downloaded and uploaded, programs run, etc. Due to the breakthrough IntelliSnap™ technology, SoftActivity Keylogger also takes desktop screenshots at predefined time intervals.

This smart parental control program starts working along with the operating system so as no single computer action will pass untraceable. Unlike video surveillance cameras, SoftActivity Keylogger remains always invisible as it operates in an absolutely stealth mode, so that your children will never know about being monitored. This is a very important concern for many parents who don’t want to offend their kids by violating their privacy.

Our program is fully compatible with all popular Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7 and implies very easy and quick installation without any specific technical experience required. There is hardly another program available on the Web market that will provide you with such full control over online and computer activities of your kids as SoftActivity Keylogger does.


September 29th, 2012