Program to Control Internet Usage – Activity Monitor

Employee activity monitoring seems to be one of the hottest trends among many business owners nowadays. Unlimited and unrestricted access to company’s IT infrastructure along with indisputable benefits has caused a substantial issue of Internet abuse during working hours. Recent researches show that over 80% of employees regularly use the Internet at their workplaces for personal purposes and almost 60% do it every single day. That’s why, many employers and managers consider that monitoring Internet usage within their corporate network is a key element to solving this crucial issue.

In such a way, today there is a high demand in stealth computer and Internet tracking software and one of the most powerful and effective among them you can easily find online at All our products have gained multiple awards from various authority Web rating projects including Softonic, TopTenReviews, Tucows, Snapfiles, etc.

We suggest you to take advantage of our Activity Monitor – a full-fledged, yet easy-to-use program to control Internet usage within your company LAN in an absolutely secret and invisible mode. This powerful spyware system will provide you with the most detailed information on what is going on in your local network, while giving your users no little signs of the fact that they are monitored.

The whole employee monitoring solution consists of two modules: a server part that is typically installed on the main administrator’s computer and client parts (Agents) – for all computers on the network that are supposed to be monitored. What’s also important, any network-connected computer can be easily monitored from a remote location. In such a manner, you can always have your hand on the pulse of every computer move within your office LAN, without leaving a workplace or when you’re away.

Instead of spending a fortune on video surveillance cameras, smart cards or any other visible monitoring solutions that obviously create a negative and uncomfortable atmosphere of being inspected and spied, install our smart stealth Internet usage monitoring software Activity Monitor today.


July 24th, 2012