Program to Control Other Computers, How to Control a Computer Remotely

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to find a company, educational establishment, social organization or any other structure without computers and Internet connection. These IT resources have become an integrated part of our life, playing a crucial role in almost all its aspects. However, unrestricted computer and Internet access on workplaces has caused a rather big problem of misuse and abuse of these resources. First of all, this concerns business owners, managers and school administrators when employees or students tend to spend much of their working or studying time on unrelated activities and surfing the Internet for personal purposes.

That’s why, today there is a stable demand in software solutions to control computers remotely and in real-time. As you probably know, there is another large group of people who are in a dire need of knowing how to control other computers from a remote location. Actually, we’re referring to conscious parents willing to have total control over their children online behavior to protect them from multiple virtual threats and offensive web content that are abundant on the Internet today.

SoftActivity is ready to cater for all these business and personal requirements by offering an extensive range of turnkey, all-in-one programs to control other computers in a home, office or school network remotely and in an absolutely stealth mode. Built using the latest spying technologies and coming with the fullest possible monitoring functionality, our solutions will let you have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your local network.

While our Activity Monitor comes as a highly efficient tool for tracking computer and online activities in the office or school LAN, SoftActivity TS Monitor is designed specifically for business owners with employees who telework from home or any other remote location and are connected via Windows Terminal Server or Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications. If you need to monitor your kids computer, then our SoftActivity Keylogger is an obvious choice for you. By tracking every their single step – from websites visited to keystrokes typed – it will help you protect your children from all possible Internet threats.

From now on, with the ability to control your computer users remotely, you’ll never have to worry what they are doing when you are away.


April 25th, 2012