Program to Track Internet Usage, How to Track Internet Activity

While the Internet is considered to be an indispensable mean during work process that brings a lot of benefits with regard to transferring important data and efficient communication, employee Internet abuse has become an increasing problem for virtually any company. Are your employees chatting with friends, playing online games or shopping while they’re supposed to be working? Have you ever lost money or productivity because of inappropriate Internet use? Believe it or not, knowing how to track Internet activity on the workplace, you can change the situation for the better.

SoftActivity is here to provide companies that make Internet available for employees during office hours, with Activity Monitor – a full-featured spy computer program to track Internet usage on the network. While being an ideal LAN monitoring system, this Internet tracking software for business needs allows you to find out whether company resources are being used for non-work related activities and who spends too much time chatting or surfing the Web during working hours.

You should also know that besides the negative effect on company productivity, workplace Internet abuse is a serious risk for corporate data security. Rather often, corporate data is the most valuable asset and employees should keep it internally and prevent information leakage to third-parties. While using our Internet tracking software for business, you can effectively protect your company from fraudulent activity.

Let’s sum up all the advantages of using our Internet tracking software for business needs. The most important thing is that you can see how your employees spend their working time and prevent Internet abuse. When you track Internet usage on the network, your employees will more likely do their job rather than surfing the Web for personal purposes that allows to increase overall productivity and profit. In addition, you are fully equipped to protect your company from legal claims and reduce liability risks as well as avoid intellectual property and trade secrets theft. Download a 15-day free trial version of Activity Monitor today and try all its powerful features before purchase.

March 23rd, 2011