Real-Time Monitoring Spyware, Real-Time Internet Monitoring, Monitor Employee Web Activity

Unfortunately, Internet abuse during working hours has become one of the most burning issues for many businesses nowadays. knows how to monitor employee Internet use on the workplace and eliminate the problem of office time wasting and falling employee productivity. We’re here to provide you with Activity Monitor – professional real-time monitoring spyware giving you the power to monitor employee web activity and get detailed stats on what your employees do when they are assumed to be working.

Of course, it may seem to be rather hard checking all employee activities especially if there are numerous workstations with active Internet connections. But with Activity Monitor real-time Internet monitoring is now possible just from a single administrator’s PC. While using this powerful real-time monitoring spyware, you get a complete control over your LAN to monitor employee web activity from the convenience of your own desktop.

In fact, knowing how to monitor employee Internet access is very useful to keep your company’s productivity level high. Our real-time Internet monitoring software can be easily installed on any computer in the entire LAN you want to monitor allowing you to keep a constant eye on your employees remotely and absolutely secretly. The hidden keystroke logger allows you to monitor employee web activity and record every their move including programs run, websites visited, emails sent and received, etc.

Substantial security risks, loss of productivity, confidential information leakage are just a few of the issues that a company may face by allowing the Internet abuse in the workplace. Interested in learning how to monitor employee Internet use? Try our full-featured real-time monitoring spyware to effectively monitor employee computers and know what, how and when your users do.

July 27th, 2010