Real Time Network Monitoring Software: Monitor Activities on a Local Network, Track Employee Internet Usage

Nowadays with the tendency of improving productivity, employers begin to pay more attention on their employees work efficiency. As most of companies allow Internet access for employees on workplaces, monitoring employee online activity has become an absolute necessity for companies looking to increase own productivity. If you would like to track employee Internet usage to know what your staff is doing when it is supposed to work, you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to offer you powerful real time network monitoring software designed to help you monitor activities on a local network without any hassles.

Actually, whatever the reasons, any employer will be unpleased when his employees waste company time and resources to do non-work related tasks online. Our Activity Monitor is a professional network monitoring utility that allows you to keep track on what your office employees do online while using company computer equipment. This real time network monitoring software can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN you want to track and works remotely and absolutely invisibly for your employees.

When you monitor activities on a local network, you know how your employees are spending working time and what they are doing on the Internet. The hardly traceable keylogger will track employee Internet usage and record everything happening within the entire network. In addition, our network monitoring utility provides you with the opportunity to get a real time and accurate statistics about any particular computer activity.

If you suspect your company’s productivity is suffering because of wasteful employee Internet usage, our real time network monitoring software allows you to monitor activities on a local network remotely offering 24/7 control over company’s Internet usage you need to increase overall productivity and maintain working discipline.

June 23rd, 2009