Remote Computer Spying Programs – SoftActivity

How do you like the idea of being able to watch what your employees, students or children are doing when you’re away with ease and in real-time? In fact, for many today’s parents, school administrators and business owners spying on the computer use has become one of the most critical issues and, therefore, computer spying programs are experiencing a great demand nowadays.

SoftActivity is here to offer you spy computer software solutions for any personal and business needs. Our Activity Monitor, SoftActivity Keylogger and SoftActivity TS Monitor present the complete set of real-time and remote computer spying systems developed to work ideally in any home or office LAN as well as on Windows Terminal Server (SoftActivity TS Monitor).

Any of these computer spy programs may effectively monitor either one computer or a complex network consisting of 100’s of computers. All of them are running in an absolutely stealth, invisible mode leaving no indications in the Task Manager, traces on a hard drive and even without showing up in the Add/Remove Programs list.

In such a way, our remote computer spying programs are must-have tools if you need to keep your employees working productively, would like to know everything about your children’s online activities or try to find out how your computer is being used when you’re away.


January 31st, 2012