Remote Network Monitoring Software, Spy on a Remote Computer – Activity Monitor

The Internet offers an abundance of opportunities and advantages for various businesses to run efficiently, target a wider customer base around the Globe and increase their market share. That’s why, it’s so important to have your business connected to this “information highway” to stay abreast with modern technologies that may help you manage a profitable venture. Unfortunately, while providing employees with unrestricted computer and Internet access, many business owners face with the abuse of these IT resources by employees during working hours.

As you probably know, people easily get addicted to Internet entertainments such as online computer games, social networks, miscellaneous chat rooms and blogs, etc. Actually, those who are hooked up with the cyber world tend to use the Internet for their personal needs during office hours as well. As recent case studies show, the number of cyberslackers at work has increased dramatically throughout various business establishments. This may affect the overall staff productivity dramatically. So, if you suspect or know that your employees are loafing at their workplaces, you should take up some precautions to stop this negative tendency.

With the appearance of advanced remote monitoring applications for computers, it has become possible to control the activity taking place within the whole network. SoftActivity is here to provide you with a full-fledged computer monitoring software solution designed to help you track your staff performance in real-time. Our powerful Activity Monitor is a breakthrough spyware system that can be installed on any computer within your LAN to record all the employee computer and Internet activities.

From now on, you have a highly efficient tool at hand to spy remotely on all computers within your corporate network and discover inappropriate Internet usage while staying absolutely invisible. Activity Monitor logs the entire Internet surfing history, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed and keeps all this data on your administrator’s PC that can be easily accessed any time you need.

With our top-notch quality network monitoring software you don’t need any physical access to each of your office computers as you are able to control working performance of your staff remotely from any part of the world just reaching your Internet connected computer. You don’t have to possess any specific computer knowledge or experience either to install and manage Activity Monitor. Increase your business productivity and overall employee performance with the help of our turnkey remote monitoring software.


April 2nd, 2012