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Do you know that left without observation your children are only a few mouse clicks away from inappropriate and harmful online content. Actually, the Internet is huge and uncontrolled, so your children can be exposed to explicit websites, adult-only content and other online threats without strict parental control for Internet use. SoftActivity is here to offer all conscious parents SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the most effective parental control software solutions available on the market designed to help you monitor child’s online activities from any remote location.

As a parent, you have probably heard terrible stories about what can happen to children when they are surfing the Internet. Our all-in-one parental computer control software provides you with the power to protect your children’s Internet experience and have full control over their online activities. With our remote parental control software solution you can have total peace of mind knowing that you can protect them from inappropriate content and other online threats even if you are away.

SoftActivity Keylogger comes with completely invisible to your child and hardly traceable recorder module that will log and record everything what your kids type and visit online, what files download and programs run, etc. to let you know what they do online and whether this harms their privacy and mental health.

Are you sure your children don’t use home computer to surf inappropriate websites when you are away? You will definitely benefit from using our remote parental control software solution! At SoftActivity we realize the importance of knowing more about your children and their online activities.

October 22nd, 2010