School Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Classroom Computers

Recent researches show that one of the biggest problems that exists in many schools today is the problem of inappropriate computer and Internet use. The majority of students, every moment they are not under teacher control, tend to switch from doing their lesson tasks to personal unrelated activities such as online games, chatting with peers, surfing verious websites, etc. In such circumstances there is a great demand for computer monitoring solutions to eliminate computer misuse during studying process.

Did you also face with such an annoying problem in your school? Are you interested in finding an efficient school computer monitoring solution and allow your teaching staff to monitor classroom computers? SoftActivity is here to offer you Activity Monitor – one of the best employee and school computer monitoring systems available on the market today designed to provide administrators with total control over their local network.

Activity Monitor makes it incredibly easy to track any computer within your school network giving you the deepest insight into all processes running on remote desktops. Whether it is a school library, laboratory or computer classroom, our smart school computer monitoring software provides efficient control you need. Once you install Activity Monitor server part on your computer and client parts on the computers you’d like to monitor, you will instantly start getting real-time detailed reports on what students do when they are supposed to study.

You will see every remote student computer screen from your administrator location. You can also setup this school computer monitoring system to capture screenshots of remote desktops at any given time moment. These reports are stored in a highly encrypted Central Log Database. Only authorized users have access to this information that can be later used for the deeper analysis and advanced report generation.

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February 3rd, 2011