Software for Employee Activity Monitoring, Monitor Employee Activity, Best Employee Monitoring Program

Employee activity monitoring is a vital subject for the majority of companies and businesses nowadays, in the era when almost any type of office activity becomes highly dependent on computer technologies and Internet usage. Are you, as a business owner, employer or company manager in need of an efficient tool that will allow you to monitor employee activity and Internet usage? You’ve come to the right place! SoftActivity is ready to offer you our powerful software for employee activity monitoring – Activity Monitor, designed to give you a clear picture of the working process in your LAN.

Actually, Activity Monitor will keep you always informed about how your employees spend every minute of their working time. It can record everything they do on their office computer – from keystrokes typed and URLs visited to files sent to third parties. As a smart software solution, Activity Monitor allows to monitor employee activity remotely from one central location and in a stealth, absolutely invisible mode.

Investments in software solutions to monitor employee activity can be really worthy, especially when considering how they can improve your business efficiency. The first positive change you’re going to feel immediately after you start using our Activity Monitor is dramatically increased productivity of your employees who will devote more time on their business tasks rather than solving personal problems.

As an extremely easy to install and use solution (you can install it from the computers that need to be monitored or via Active Directory Group Policy in a Windows domain), Activity Monitor also has a built-in automatic update feature on all remote computers, so you won’t have to reinstall client parts when a new version is released.

August 23rd, 2010