Software for Monitoring Network Computers, Network Computer Monitoring

Nowadays, when employees got virtually unlimited computer and Web access, the installation of network computer monitoring solutions has become one of the most crucial tasks for every business owner going to succeed in the modern highly competitive world.

SoftActivity offers you to take advantage of Activity Monitor – all-in-one software for monitoring network computers in real-time. Developed using the latest computer spying technologies, it allows you to enjoy unmatched control over your entire network environment – you’ll know exactly how your employees are using their computer and Internet access, what they send and receive online, what websites visit, files download, applications run, etc.

With Activity Monitor you don’t even have to be always physically at the office to see and know how your working process is organized. This smart network computer monitoring system operates like a video surveillance camera recording every computer move in a special encrypted log file.

Another competitive advantage of our Activity Monitor is its ability to run in an absolutely stealth mode leaving no trace on a hard drive and without indicating its processing in the Task Manager. It will start monitoring employee computers as soon as the operating system starts recording everything from the URL entered and keystroke typed to a file copied or sent.

In such a way, with Activity Monitor you get an extremely powerful and efficient tool at hand for monitoring your employees during office hours. From now on you can finally get rid of various concerns and worries by stopping or preventing your staff from wasting working hours and corporate IT resources on personal needs, online shopping, social networking, computer games and other unauthorized activities. If you wish to create a more productive and safe working environment within your company, consider using SoftActivity software solutions today.

November 24th, 2011