Software for Network Monitoring, Computer Network Monitoring, PC Network Monitoring

Do you know for sure what your employees are doing during their working day? What if your employees are wasting their time on chat sessions when they are supposed to work? Cutting off the Internet connection is impossible as your company work greatly depends on the Internet? Then a company computer network monitoring is simply indispensable if you suspect that your company bad performance occurs because of your employees malfunction. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the ideal solution of this problem – powerful software for network monitoring with very user-friendly interface.

PC network monitoring from SoftActivity is the program that monitors and records keystrokes of your network computers. The information that you get in the result of network monitoring is very important for further analysis. The point is that supervising users, such as employers and managers, can find out the important information about every computer usage within the network.

Computer network monitoring from SoftActivity has the variety of very useful features, including tracking and storing key stroke information, emails sent and received, chat conversations, URLs visited, etc. With the help of our PC network monitoring you will perform complete monitoring of your company network from the one PC. Our XP network monitoring software allows you to get real time and accurate detailed statistics of what your employees do when they are supposed to be working.

Software for network monitoring from SoftActivity will record all computer activity including documents sent and received, e-mail conversations and websites visited. Moreover, our computer network monitoring software allows you to make the “screenshot” of every computer within your local network in real time.

September 24th, 2008