Software for Tracking Internet Usage: How to Keep Track of Internet Use Effectively

Are you sure your staff use corporate local network for work-related purposes only? Do you suspect your company’s overall productivity is being affected by the personnel who abuse the privilege of having unrestricted Internet access at their workplace? It’s extremely difficult to avoid excessive Internet use, since virtually any company relies heavily on this medium nowadays as the critical platform for their business operations. While some employees try not to overuse the Internet for non-work-related tasks in order to produce to their highest potential, the rest may occasionally be engaged in various online activities that harm their work performance. This often includes watching YouTube videos, shopping on eBay, chatting with friends and colleagues via instant messengers or browsing popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.

This all generates employers’ growing interest in learning how to track Internet use and control their employees’ online activities during work hours. Such information can be of considerable value for a number of reasons, foremost being the fact that excessive or inappropriate Internet usage at work can prove to be quite costly and devastating to any business in terms of productivity loss or sensitive corporate information leakage.

This powerful spy software package from SoftActivity is designed to deliver our customers ultimate peace of mind and save their money, while showing excellent performance in terms of employee activity monitoring. Activity Monitor is the perfect turnkey solution for effective Internet usage tracking and remote real-time monitoring over LAN-connected computers from a single administrator’s PC. With our top-notch multipurpose software, you will instantly know when, how and what your employees do on the Internet even in your absence.

Logically, no employer wants to give a paycheck to an employee who is believed to somewhat compromise the integrity of corporate image and productivity by constantly distributing inappropriate content, sending offensive emails, overusing the Internet for non-work-related purposes or exposing the company to certain legal liabilities. Activity Monitor will help you thoroughly track the extent and ethics of Internet usage by your employees and management staff. What is being shared and transfered over your LAN when you are away? Exactly how much time employees spend online for purely personal purposes? Who is slack and negligent of his/her duties? The built-in keystroke logger will help you effectively monitor employees’ online and internal communications in real time, since it invisibly records all file transfers, sent or received emails, instant messenger conversations, applications used, web browsing history and other crucial information that may help increase overall productivity of your company.

With our multifunctional software for tracking Internet usage, any computer in your local network can be remotely monitored in an absolutely stealth mode, which allows to access data on your employees’ Internet use in real-time without them knowing that their online and offline computer activity is automatically logged and reported. Assisted by the most advanced stealth technology, Activity Monitor adds even more privacy and convenience to the process of tracking Internet usage by completely hiding itself from Task Manager processes, Start Menu, Add/Remove Programs list, desktop icons and other installation folder paths.


December 1st, 2011