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It’s no secret that many companies provide employees with extensive Internet resources necessary for doing their daily tasks. However, employees fully equipped with e-mail and Internet access represent a certain risk for employers associated with falling of overall company’s productivity because of using Internet access for their personal needs. That’s way, knowing what employees are doing during office hours is essential for many businesses. If you are one of them, take advantage of the full-featured spy keylogger software solution from SoftActivity and stop employee computer and Internet abuse on the workplace right away.

There are numerous advantages for your business to use our remote spy keylogger tool. Essentially, our Activity Monitor is an employee monitoring spyware solution that can be installed on any computer within your local network to track its activity. When our spy keylogger software is set up, you get unparalleled control over any of office computers activity knowing what your employees are doing when they are supposed to be working.

Actually, built-in computer spy keylogger allows you to view computer and Internet activities of any employee from the comfort of your own desktop. As this remote spy keylogger tracks and records everything happening within the entire network, you have a real-time and accurate detailed stats of what your employees do during working hours. Be assured, each time your employees use the Internet access for personal needs, you’ll be aware about this abuse.

If you suspect illicit behavior from your employees during working hours or just want to be sure they are doing a good job without wasting office time and Internet resources for personal needs, our computer spy keylogger is ready to assist.

March 5th, 2010