Spy Monitoring Software, Monitor Computer Activities, Monitor Employee PC

If a computer or Internet usage abuse by your employees has led to the recession of overall productivity in your company, then it’s a high time to think about how to monitor employee PCs and become more aware of their activities during working hours. SoftActivity is here to offer full-featured spy monitoring software Activity Monitor allowing PC and Internet activity monitoring irrespective of your current location.

Actually, our Activity Monitor is one of the most comprehensive PC and Internet activity monitoring solutions available on the market today. This spy monitoring software from SoftActivity enables you to monitor an employee PC and see monitoring reports in the desired format just whenever you need them.

Consisting of server and client parts this software for monitoring computer activities can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN allowing you to monitor an employee PC remotely while staying absolutely invisible. While accomplishing PC and Internet activity monitoring in real time our software logs a full history of URLs visited, keystrokes typed, e-mails sent and received, programs run, etc.

Combined with the ability of remote PC and Internet activity monitoring of whole LAN and individual monitoring of a particular computer, Activity Monitor from SoftActivity can be an ideal choice for companies of any size. Download a free evaluation version online on our website and try its powerful features before purchase.

January 6th, 2010