Spy Tips from Harriet the Spy

Spy Tips from Harriet the Spy

Great lessons can be learned from literature – even from books written for children. Today, we offer three essential spying tips inspired by none other than the most famous kid in the espionage world, Harriet the Spy. Harriet’s thoroughness, record-keeping, and honesty kept her investigations accurate and helped her uncover the truth about those around her. If you incorporate these habits into your own spying routine, you’re sure to get to the heart of your subjects’ actions and motivations.

Be Thorough

Make no mistake: It can be really challenging being a spy. Tips to make the job easier can range from common sense to advanced techniques. One of our simplest suggestions to improve your spying accuracy is inspired by the grade-school-aged Harriet: Be thorough. This spying heroine never let an action or fact slip by her without following up with a robust investigation. It was part of her charm and also the reason why her probes were a success. She invested curiosity and time into even the slightest hints of intrigue. Our software solutions give you several easy ways to do the same thing by allowing you to monitor all corners of activity on your computer. With a click of a button, you can even generate reports to give you an idea of how this information works together. Considering that digital spying appears to be evolving by the second, our reports can provide much more detail and save a lot more time than flipping through a handwritten notebook like Harriet’s!

Keep Records

A notebook full of revelations brought Harriet a bit of grief when her peers got their hands on it without her permission. Those same revelations, however, helped her learn about herself, her relationships with others, and, ultimately, her place in the world. It all started with Harriet’s precise note-taking. Feel free to keep meticulous records on your subjects as you try to make sense of their actions and motivations. While carrying a physical notebook opened up Harriet’s work to vulnerability and compromise, at Soft Activity, we offer a number of programs that can help you keep your personal logs and evidence hidden from public view. While you may not be in charge of spying on a country, the protection of your personal or professional world can be just as important. Remember that diplomacy can be part of the job of being a good spy. Tips from third parties, however, need to be followed up, regardless of the source.

Be Honest

Harriet’s most famous characteristic is her honesty. One of the greatest spying tips we can offer takes a page out of Harriet’s legendary notebook: Be honest with yourself about all of the facts that you encounter while observing. In the story, Harriet meticulously writes down every fact that she discovers and includes objective assessments of them. When collecting information about your intended subject, be truthful with your assessments and what the facts might signify, even if they may make you feel a little guilty about thinking negatively. Harriet always wrote down exactly what she thought of friends and family in order to better understand them. She included the actions that led to her to form her opinions. Catalog details about your subject, but also remember to give them context as well: Looking at facts from different angles and from varying viewpoints can help you ascertain the truth of any matter. Our software solutions give you the ability to analyze tons of information at will and turn it into relevant statistics and can provide you the evidence that you need to make an assessment and take action.

By Frank Winston, SoftActivity

Photo by Martin Abegglen (Flickr)

March 10th, 2014