Spying on a Computer, How to Control Computer Usage with SoftActivity

Computers and the Internet have become an indispensable part of modern life. These tools may provide a lot of benefits while making everyday life much easier. That’s why nowadays the majority of business fields are based on computing power and Internet resources and almost every household has at least one computer connected to the World Wide Web. However, with the great amount of benefits and convenience the Internet has brought, it has also opened doors to the new types of criminals like hackers and online cheaters.

A lot of people including parents, employers, teachers and school administrators are facing with the problem of Internet misuse, unsafe online surfing, sensitive information leakage, etc. and find themselves in a dire need of effective solutions and methods to deal with these issues. If you enter “how to control computer usage” or any other similar inquiry in the search bar of your favorite search engine, you will get a certain number of recommendations and monitoring software offerings. But how to choose an ideal solution for your specific requirements?

At you will find the range of spy computer programs for the variety of computer and Internet tracking needs – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor designed to access any computer from your remote desktop and monitor all activities performed.

With SoftActivity Keylogger you can control your kids and every their move on your home computer even when you are away. Whether you are at your office, on a business trip, on the vacation or just visiting your friends, you will need access to the Internet only to have a total peace of mind.

Activity Monitor can be a preferable choice when it comes to spying on computers within your office LAN. If you need to control computer usage of local and remote employees working via Windows Terminal Server, then you are advised to take advantage of our SoftActivity TS Monitor. It’s a full-featured Terminal Server sessions recorder solution that captures all user activities in real-time.

August 19th, 2011