Spyware for Computers, Internet Monitoring Program – SoftActivity Keylogger

Any conscious parent never can feel 100% confident of children safety, whether during their schooling time or when they are having fun on a playground with friends and even when sitting in front of their home computer. Many people mistakenly think that their children are quite safe when using the Internet, at least they are at home. Unfortunately, the real threat of the Internet still exists and sometimes it may be even more harmful as it affects emotional and mental state of a kid. Children are the most vulnerable Web users that can be easily hooked up by online cheaters.

It’s hard to imagine the number of uncensored and dangerous websites that your kids may encounter on the Internet. You should realize that they are naive and haven’t got the sense of discernment for the world around yet, being usually not able to distinguish good and evil, useful and harmful. Considering that computers and the Internet may also assist in their studies, prohibition of computer usage is not the best option. From this point of view, the installation of a computer monitoring application that allows to control any of Internet activities on your home computer becomes a necessity for conscious and responsible parents.

SoftActivity takes special pride by offering you a full-featured and efficient Internet monitoring program that can be an excellent solution to protect your sensitive children from websites with adult and inappropriate content. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is spyware for a computer that works absolutely invisibly logging all the activity taking place on your home PC. From now on, you may have a reliable assistant on your computer that will help you keep a watchful eye on how your children behave online when you’re away, so that you can take prompt actions to protect them from online threats.

Our powerful computer spyware package includes a full range of advanced monitoring tools, so that you can not only get to know about all websites visited from your computer, but also have records of all chat conversations made, emails sent and received, passwords entered, programs run, etc. SoftActivity Keylogger is one of the best parental monitoring applications that runs in the background and takes screenshots at specific time intervals saving recorded data in a secret log file.

Moreover, monitoring of your children Internet activity allows you to keep in touch with their life, interests and hobbies. In such a way, if you need an efficient, yet affordably priced parental monitoring program, consider visiting today.

February 25th, 2012