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The contemporary life has become dependent on computers and today more and more people spend plenty of their work and pastime in the Internet. That’s why, the problem of security and protection of our children from harmful influence of the cyberspace is one of the major parent’s concerns nowadays. Moreover, adults are also hooked up with this “virtual world” and sometimes this may really cause bad results. It has become so significant to control the computer work and monitor inappropriate Internet usage. Everyone should bear in mind that further well-being of a family highly depends on an appropriate contribution in kid’s life.

In fact, any reliable keylogger spy software for computers can complete this important task for you, so that you will be able to control online activity of your child, spouse, friend or employee. With the help of spyware for computers that works absolutely secretly at the background, you can help your children avoid some suspicious websites and protect them from possible online threats. This is the reason why a careful parent should install spy software on the home computer and track its activity.

SoftActivity is ready to provide you with a full-featured and advanced keylogger for computers that is ideal to track, monitor and log all the information about computer usage. From now on, you can have all this information always at hand in a special log file. If you are interested in installing a spy tool on your PC, choose our sophisticated and cutting-edge SoftActivity Keylogger. It’s considered to be an ideal keylogger for parents, that includes all the necessary features for activity logging and allows to take screenshots at specific time periods.

SoftActivity Keylogger runs in the background recording all chat conversations made, emails sent and received, programs run, etc. while staying absolutely invisible. Take a chance to download our free 15-day trial version of SoftActivity Keylogger and test all its powerful features before initial purchase.

February 23rd, 2012