Student Computer Monitoring, Monitor Student Computers, Student Internet Safety

While it is hardly possible to physically track students’ computer and Internet usage during academic hours, they usually spent study time on unrelated activities such as chatting with friends, surfing inappropriate sites, etc. That’s why student computer monitoring is a vital necessity for most of schools and universities. SoftActivity is here to offer an efficient student tracking software solution to monitor student computers remotely and have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN.

Our Activity Monitor is a professional student computer monitoring solution designed to help you ensure student Internet safety and organize appropriate computer use during the academic hours. In addition, you can monitor students’ computers in your local network in real time just from a single administrator’s PC without their knowing.

Are you sure your students don’t use classroom computers for personal needs unrelated to studying activity? Do they play online games or surf the Internet when supposed to study? With our powerful student tracking software you can view and record all online activities, trace all programs started and run by your students while getting a full control of educational process.

Essentially, our Activity Monitor is an ideal choice for teachers, administrators and employees as well looking for a complete supervision over networked computers for organizing productive work or studying process. Be assured, by choosing our full-featured student computer monitoring software, you can easily monitor students’ computers, track any of their online moves as well as provide overall Internet safety.

November 4th, 2009